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STDU Viewer 1.4

STDU Viewer 1.4 is a program for see different formats of files
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STDU Viewer 1.4 is a program for see different formats of files and handle them and view the properties of the files.
When we open the program we can find in the program one toolbar, one panel and one window.
In the toolbar we can open, print, change the options of the applications in it we can associating files for manage it in this program, change the languages that are two English and Russian. We can rotate the page in two ways in clockwise or counterclockwise, we can use the zoom, fit the page or fit the width, use the handle tool, select part of the text or convert DjVu to TIFF or PDF.
In the panel we can find four tags in the footer of it they are: Content in it we can observe our folders, Bookmarks, Thumbnails with this tag we can see the pages that the file has and with search we can find words and phrases in our text.
We can export the files to images or text, the supported formats of this program are: TIFF, DjVu, PDF and TXT.
This program is very useful for manage this for types of files.

Paula Ledesma
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  • Convert DjVu to TIFF or PDF
  • Supported formats are: TIFF, DjVu , PDF and TXT


  • Hasn´t Disadvantages
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