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STDU Viewer 1.5

STDU Viewer provides a fast and efficient browser for PDF,TIFF and DJVU files
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STDU Viewer is a powerful image viewer for Windows. It is delivered on a freeware basis. It is available for direct download from the developer’s website. When installing, we can associate the following file extensions: TIF, TIFF, DjV, DjVu, PDF, and TXT with STDU Viewer. It has been designed to help active readers of files with pdf, tiff, and djvu extensions as it provides a free browser and viewer for these files. We can easily navigate through the document and go to the first, previous, next, last or specific page. It is possible to save a copy, print, export, zoom, adjust width/page, rotate, and many more. This software has been enhanced and now it offers new capabilities. 1. Browse any document with txt format. 2. Text layers can be exported into text file. 3.Access the content of a specific page by selecting the thumbnail with the page number. 4. Export a page of document to image formats, such as bmp, jpg, gif). It runs under Windows 2000, 2003, XP, and Vista operating systems.

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  • Completely FREE
  • We can easily browse our PDF,TIFF and DJVU files


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